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To: Yale Community
From: Richard C. Levin
Summary: A Message from President Levin
Date: 17-APR-2007 08:47:00 AM Message ID: 24166

To the Yale Community:
I thought that I would share with you the following note that I sent to President Charles Steger of Virginia Tech on Monday afternoon.  I also wish to reach out to all in our community, especially to those with friends or family members at Virginia Tech.  I would remind everyone that the residential college masters and deans, student affairs deans and staff of the graduate and professional schools, the chaplains, and the counselors at University Health Services are available to those who need support in the aftermath of these terrible and terrifying events.

Dear President Steger:

The entire world looks on with compassion for the terrible ordeal that your campus suffered today.  Those of us in universities feel most especially the fragility of our communities, and their vulnerability to those who do not live by our values of civility and respect for others.  I send you personally my warmest sympathy, and I hasten to offer any help that I or Yale University might provide.

With deepest condolences for those you have lost,

Rick Levin
President, Yale University
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