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To: All Faculty, Staff and Students
From: Chief Ronnell A. Higgins
Summary: Message from Chief Ronnell Higgins
Date: 06-MAY-2012 06:37:00 PM Message ID: 78828
Dear Yale Community Members:

As the semester comes to a close, and many students are leaving campus and celebrating the end of the academic year, I write to share information on campus and New Haven crime trends and to remind you of campus safety services and the steps you can take to help create a safe end-of-year experience.

Last night, YPD arrested three youthful offenders (ages 14 through 16) who were part of a large group leaving a downtown event at a club that was organized as an under-21 party. Several members of the group assaulted people on the Green and near Cross Campus, including two Yale students, and attempted to rob the phone of one of the Yale students.  This incident, fortunately, does not represent an ongoing threat to the community, since we arrested the offenders and it appears to have been an isolated incident.  Nevertheless, it is a reminder to stay alert and call Yale Police immediately if you see any suspicious activity.  The fast action of the Yale students, who contacted police immediately and were able to provide identifying information, led to the quick arrest, and all three juveniles have been arrested with Assault and Robbery charges.  We will also be working closely with New Haven police and area club owners to express our concern for these types of parties.

Overall, New Haven has continued to experience a steady decrease in violent crime over the past year, and serious crimes on and near campus are also trending down. We continue, however, to see an uptick in thefts on campus (laptops and other portable electronic devices left unattended). Neighborhoods near campus, such as East Rock, Newhallville and downtown areas, have experienced some recent burglaries and motor vehicle break-ins.

It is important to remember that safety requires individual action, in addition to relying on police to keep us safe. As always, we urge you to be vigilant and to take every precaution possible. Do not walk alone at night, be sure to walk with friends, call the Security escort service, and take the nighttime shuttle.  Travel on well-lit, main streets whenever possible. Most of the crimes that occur on campus involve the theft of portable devices, cell phones, or bicycles; do not leave behind valuable possessions in cars, unlocked offices or dorm rooms, or in a place where they can be easily stolen. If you are moving out for the summer, don’t leave valuables unattended, even for a moment.  

Don’t display cash, jewelry or electronic equipment, such as phones, when walking, and pay attention to your surroundings at all times. Remember to lock your offices, windows, and dorm rooms when you leave, and lock up your valuables. These basic precautions will go a long way towards keeping you, and your possessions, safe.

As always, be in contact if you need us. Call the Yale Police directly (203-432-4400) when you experience or witness crime.

Ronnell A. Higgins
Chief of Police
Yale University Police

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