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To: Selected Pantheon Users
From: EliApps Migration Utility
Summary: Welcome to EliApps: Google Apps for Yale
Date: 27-MAR-2012 01:57:00 PM Message ID: 76874

As you may already be aware, Yale is transitioning some email services to the new EliApps service, powered by Google Apps for Education. EliApps provides Google email, calendaring, sites, and more – all using your Yale email address.  Additional information, including frequently asked questions, is available at:

Your email account is now eligible for migration to EliApps. To begin the migration process, please review the Pre-migration checklist available at:

If you are graduating on or before May 21, 2012, migration to EliApps is optional.  If you are opting out of migration, we would request that you fill out the Class of 2012 EliApps Opt-Out Request form, which is linked at the top of the Pre-migration checklist.  All others will be required to migrate to EliApps by May 31, 2012.

Once the conversion is done you will be able to check your email online by visiting:

Preparing your mail account:

In certain uncommon cases, you may need to take action to prepare your mail account before you can migrate to EliApps.
  • No folder can contain disallowed special characters: @#$%^&*(_=
  • Your mailbox must contain fewer than 500 folders
  • No folder's name can be longer than 225 characters
Some important facts to note before you migrate:
  • If you currently forward your email to another account, that forward will be removed once you have access to your EliApps account. If you enable forwarding on your EliApps account while the migration is taking place, migrated messages will be forwarded as well. If you don't want this to happen, wait to enable forwarding until your migration is complete.
  • If you currently check your email through a desktop or mobile email client (Thunderbird, Apple Mail, iPhone, Android, etc.), you will need to reconfigure your mail client to connect to your new EliApps account.  You will also need to enable IMAP within EliApps and set an EliApps password (separate from your NetID password).
Instructions are available for all of the above at:

If you have any questions, please contact Tim Garrison at