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To: All Yale Faculty, Students & Staff
From: Linda Koch Lorimer
Summary: Community Message
Date: 12-SEP-2009 09:33:00 PM Message ID: 45261

With all the media attention this weekend about the disappearance of Annie Le, our third year pharmacology graduate student, I wanted to give you an update. Because of the numerous rumors and speculation, I asked representatives of the FBI, the Connecticut State Police, Yale and New Haven Police leaders to speak to the press this afternoon to clarify where things stand. The law enforcement authorities are letting no stone go unturned: it is impressive to see the cooperation and concerted action of more than 100 law enforcement experts who are working tirelessly as a team. 
Alas, this remains the most perplexing mystery. We still do not know where Annie is or what has happened to her. We were told today that some items were found in the Amistad Building that are now being analyzed, but it is unknown at this time whether they are connected to her.
As I am sure you understand, at this delicate time it is particularly unhelpful to begin speculating or jumping to conclusions. If it does develop that a crime occurred, we want to do everything to ensure that the investigation proceeds as swiftly and completely as possible. We hope that anyone in our community or the area with helpful information will call the FBI hotline at 877-503-1950. Given the suggestions in some of the national press about general safety in the area, it is worth remembering that the City reports that crime in New Haven has decreased by more than 50% since 1990.
I have been in contact with Annie’s family and also her fiancé. As you would expect, we have underscored to them that the University wants to do everything in our power to find Annie and to do all that we can to support them. They asked us to share their own request that everyone respect their privacy in these horrible days for them.
This is a difficult time for many in this community, too, as we worry about Annie. Martha Highsmith, Deputy Secretary, has been holding informational sessions with those who work and study in the Amistad Building and elsewhere in the School of Medicine complex; and there will be additional sessions when the deans think they can be useful. Students in particular should feel free to share this email with any family members and friends who have questions. 
Thanks to all who have been expressing concern for Annie and her family and friends.  Like you, I fervently hope that the mystery of her disappearance will soon be solved.