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To: All Yale Faculty, Students & Staff
From: Linda Koch Lorimer
Summary: Safe Summer Travel
Date: 01-MAY-2012 01:22:00 PM Message ID: 78662

Before you leave campus, whether for a summer-long travel or shorter vacations or business trips, please take a moment to register your travel plans on the Yale Emergency Travel Registry website so we can contact you to provide help in the event of a major emergency where you are traveling.  This information has been critical to our efforts to locate and evacuate Yale travelers following natural disasters or violence. For example, it was particularly helpful following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

If you are traveling abroad now or in the future, you can find the emergency travel and contact form at  You may register domestic travel, although the primary use is for international travel.  You can update or change your information as your plans change. The site is password protected and you will need to log in using your NetID.

I also want to remind you that you are automatically covered by FrontierMEDEX, which provides 24/7 travel assistance coverage anytime Yale students, faculty, or staff (and accompanying family members) travel more than 100 miles from home (in the U.S. and abroad).  In addition to helping with medical emergencies, FrontierMEDEX provides other services such as help if you lose your wallet or travel documents.  If you do not have a FrontierMEDEX card in your wallet, you can print one before you go.  Other travel resources are available on the Yale and the World website.  

Best wishes for a safe and rewarding summer!  

Linda Koch Lorimer
Vice President and Secretary